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Notta Comet at the Mile High House

Notta Comet

Notta Comet (Eli not pictured)

Saw Madison’s band last night in the basement of a rowhouse, one block west of Temple University. We were easily thirty years older than the other hundred or so people in attendance. No one called the cops on us, because they thought we were the cops.

The sound in the basement was quite good. The balance was good, the drums were clear, and the vocals were not muddy.

I heard one song I hadn’t heard before. Madison said they had not recorded it yet. “The Warehouse Song”. One of their songs that sort of dares the audience not to get impatient, as they drift into jagged pulses of sound traded between the three of them.

The closing was excellent. “Colonial Authorities”. A thumping riff, nearly moshable. Again they played with expectations, stretching out the ending beyond the expected rave-up. An ending Beethoven would have loved.

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